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TrichoZed Pills - Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is, for many men, a devastating problem that can affect anyone at any point of their lives. Hair Loss, also known as male pattern baldness, or alopecia - which is its clinical name - happens when the follicles under the scalp die stopping the natural hair growth cycle. In some men it occurs as early as in their mid-20s.

How is hair loss affecting lives around the world?

Anti-Hair Loss TreatmentIt is a fact, hair thinning and full baldness dramatically affect the lives of a number of people worldwide which generates a necessity for safe and natural products which can actually help you start a hair restoration process bringing your full self -confidence back at its highest level. It is not uncommon to even suffer from depression and other debilitating psychic conditions, as a side effect of hair loss, and depression as we all know is not to underestimate.

But, are hair regrowth treatments safe? Do they carry any possible negative collateral effect?

It is also a fact that, many hair regrowth treatments can also generate very bad side effects, hence, this type of hair loss remedies should be avoided at all costs. On the safer side, you can rest assured that the "TrichoZed Pills" hair regrowth treatment is both, a) a natural method, and b) a secure remedy for your thinning crown and hair loss situation, helping you to regrow your hair in those areas that are modifying your image, so you have absolutely no worries of any kind with our product, nothing but just positive hair recovery effects, not one single danger that may diminish your quality of life like the jitters, blurred vision or dizzy spells.

Many men suffering from hair loss have already trusted on TrichoZed to get their hair back, because TrichoZed is the all-natural effective answer they had been waiting to treat their hair loss issues.

New Hair: A Brand New World!

So Welcome to the Brand New Hairy World You Had Been Dreaming! Your solution is here!

The origin of the Hair loss is an aging process, through which, your body transforms your Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (hormone directly associated with follicular damage) at a faster rate, it is here where TrichoZed comes to revert this effects by promoting hair regrowth, as an increasing number of men testify worldwide.

Alright! ... Show me how TrichoZed works!

A hormone named dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - is the most common cause behind the hair-fall process for the majority of men.

This hormone prevents the blood supply to the follicle, damaging the follicle by direct inhibition of the natural process of hair growth. Hair loss is generated as a consequence of the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Testosterone is converted to DHT due to an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Add to this a hereditary predisposition to hair loss, and chances are that over time, hair will thin more and more, leading to baldness.

TrichoZed Pills

TrichoZed has been formulated to effectively SLOW, STOP, and REVERSE your hair loss, but how? by interrupting alpha-5-reductase enzymes so they will not bind to your free testosterone to form the harmful DHT, isn’t this the precise prevention action!

TrichoZed promotes hair recovery and natural growth by acting as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors that prevent testosterone from metabolizing into harmful DHT, meanwhile acting to improve your blood flow to irrigate your hair follicles feeding them to actually be healthier and, thus, initiating the hair restoration process.

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Clinical studies have shown that more than 80 percent of all men who took TrichoZed shown clearly visible results, either in hair regrowth or hair fall stop, in every one the appearance of their hair improved drastically!

One capsule of TrichoZed™ works in 3 steps!

These steps go as follows:

1st Step:

TrichoZed blocks the DHT formation thus allowing normal blood supply to the follicle. This scientific achievement slow down the process you are suffering in your scalp, reversing the actions of DHT that lead to hair fall.

2nd Step:

It enhances the blood supply to the hair follicles, thus, stopping the follicles shrinking process, as it grants each follicle in your scalp, with new and continuous life, strengthening each hair strand, reversing weakening with new force and power.

3rd Step:

It completes the DHT damage effects reversing process, promoting faster hair re-growth. With the growth of new hair within 30 to 45 days, you will be able to once again rake your fingers through that dense strong hair of yours, results will be permanent after just 6 months!
TrichoZed hair grown
Now, please allow us to show you some of the Impressive Results of TrichoZed (Clinical Trials on a group of 23 volunteers, September 2010 to February 2011, Los Angeles CA)

Why is TrichoZed the preferred choice?

TrichoZed is trusted by both men and women. Some of the reasons for its effectiveness are provided below:

  • Controls hair loss within just one week
  • Starts the process of hair re-growth in one month
  • Effective 3-month mechanism
  • Inexpensive hair treatment
  • No need for hair surgeries
  • Purely herbal. Can be taken as food
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Doctor approved Natural Pills WITHOUT ANY Side effects


TrichoZed™ will produce noticeable hair growth in 30 to 45 days. A consistent use of TrichoZed™ can ensure permanent results within 6 months. Further use shall maintain optimal health of all your NEW hairs.


Take 2 capsules daily with a full glass of water. Follow proper course of TrichoZed™ to see complete hair-loss stopping and enjoy a full hair recovery. Each bottle contains 60 capsules of TrichoZed™

Side Effects

Extensive research had ensured that TrichoZed™ doesn’t possess any short-term or long-term side-effects. TrichoZed is, like most other VitoHerbs products, the safest herbal formulation, recommended by the most experienced and prominent doctors. Our satisfied customers are gaining matchless profits and reordering the product massively.


Ingredients Brand Name: TrichoZed™
Servings Per Container: 60 Tablets
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride: 5mg
Metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It protects the skin and also promotes growth of hair.
Biotin: 5mg
Strengthens hair and nails and is responsible for overall nourishment of the skin. It is a water-soluble vitamin that fights alopecia.
Serenosa repens: 400mg
Slows the rate of hair loss and stimulates hair re-growth. It inhibits DHT which is the cause of reduction of hair follicles and thus reverses hair loss. Serenosa repens also improves scalp conditions and makes it less susceptible to stress. It maintains overall health of hair.
Emblica officinalis extract: 100mg
Stops hair loss, encourages hair growth and control and halts the graying of hair. It protects the scalp by fighting infection of scalp.

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Bottom line

TrichoZed™ is the all-natural solution that an increasing number of men around the world are choosing, because it has no other effects but just growing their new hair, you are gladly invited to try this purely herbal formula and benefit as well!